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                About Wei An

                After years of technological accumulation, we have been highly praised by many high-quality customers based on our good reputation and high quality products.

                This is not only an honor, but also an incentive for us to move on.

                In the future, Wei'an will continue to maintain the spirit of development, constantly optimize production equipment, improve the quality of employees to create more and better products. Carry on helping employees to realize their dream and helping customers to create more value!


                免费观看高清无码 Technical support-自動化設備設計廠家,定制工廠,供應商-東莞市韋安自動化科技有限公司
                About Wei An

                Wei’an professional technicians provides customers the following technical services:

                (1) Program generation

                Choose or create a service plan for customers to meet their needs, improve productivity and reduce operation costs for users.

                (2) After-sales service of equipment

                Provide customers with on-site or remote maintenance and professional technician for solving problems, avoid major production losses.

                (3) Technical training

                Conduct operation training for customers, enable employees to keep up with the technical development, increase the production and efficiency for users and reduce the maintenance costs.

                (4) Maintenance

                Regular preventive maintenance helps reduce equipment failure rate and delays component aging. Wei 'an automation provides customers with whole-process operation guarantee. Customers can arrange preventive maintenance before or during the operation. It also provides a professional team to complete the routine maintenance according to customer’s requirements.